New Zealand roads and conditions are unique and our expert Engineers design truck bodies and trailers to meet or exceed client requirements. Roadmaster has a proven range of trailers designed by our own expert Engineers to suit every unique application

Roadmaster provides advice and individual solutions designed by our qualified Technical Design Team.  Roadmaster offers a design consultation service to assist our clients achieve the optimal solution for their transportation requirements. Our qualified Engineers have a wealth of technical and practical experience that can offer design solutions for the toughest applications.

Lyall says “We have an LTNZ approved Certifying Engineer on staff. We offer LT400 certifications at our Rotorua and Auckland branches. Roadmaster Engineers are constantly involved in industry related forums to ensure technical knowledge regarding new policies, regulations and practices. We often have clients request our design expertise due to our willingness to work closely with both the client and the sales team. We are constantly looking to improve all of our designs with the view to exceed our clients expectations”.

We also have five Delegates to sign off LT400’s through the TTMF MRCOP qualifying course.